FreeBSD has a politics problem

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>> On 3/4/2018 5:13 PM, Julian H. Stacey wrote:
>>> deb at wrote:
>>>> Hi David,
>>>> This is Deb Goodkin, Executive Director for the FreeBSD Foundation. Th=
>> e
>>>> Foundation isn't responsible for the CoC, that would be the FreeBSD
>>>> Project's core team. Please don't spread mis-information about the
>>>> Foundation censoring discussions. Someone else on this thread can hope=
>> fully
>>>> direct you to the correct mailing list for discussing your concerns
>>>> regarding the Code of Conduct.=20
>>>> Sincerely,
>>>> Deb Goodkin
>>>> Executive Director
>>>> The FreeBSD Foundation
>>> =20
>>> Hi Deb,
>>> Did the foundation pay for it ?=20
>> The discussion needs to not demonize people or entities involved on
>> either side.
> FreeBSD are at liberty to reject a non FreeBSD outsider who wrote this
> especially if they were paid to write it, even more so if the paid
> outsider hopes rules she/he wrote they'd like to see imposed on us.
>> It seems to me that it would have been better had this CoC
>> had more outside review and possibly a draft period where the project
>> asked for community feedback.
> ** A draft & period for comment should have been mandatory,
> omiting it suggests arrogance or incompetence.
>> IMHO it's not too late to go down those
>> paths but we need to take a deep breath and consider that the intentions
>> of the CoC are only good;
> Maybe, or not,  See ** above.
>> that the project should be more welcoming for
>> everyone.  There's nothing wrong with the Foundation sponsoring a CoC,
>> even if it had flaws.
> I think legaly Foundation is not answerable to FreeBSD just to the
> few who founded the foundation.  Nothing wrong with FreeBSD rejecting
> an unwanted gift as incompetent waste of money - if they want.
>> It likely would need to help sponsor independent
>> reviews to weed out unneutral language.
> Whoever sprung this on FreeBSD community without warning should be admonished.
> FreeBSD Foundation could ask for a refund from the incompetent who
> wrote it, & Foundation in turn could refund those such as the person
> who asked "Can I have a refund".

The language and tone you are using only diminishes your voice, and
frankly violates any average or common sense CoC.  This was not done by
1 person or "outsider", it was done by a group of people and signed off
by core@ (as I understand it).  I think mistakes were made but attacking
everyone involved won't achieve any positive results.

Bryan Drewery

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