FreeBSD has a politics problem

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Mon Mar 5 01:11:03 UTC 2018

> My money may not be a sponsorship money but still donated; on belief what FreeBSD was doing right. Can I get a refund.

Did the foundation really waste money on this ? 
Bulleted elements are a bad mix of sensible & ridiculous.

A few examples:
    "drugs": If someone is an alcy or druggy, code & commits need
    to be monitored.  BSD is not art enhanceble with drugs.

   "employment": If code or commits emanate from an NSA employee
   it needs to be outed (pref. by self but any other will do)

   "*hug*" Shock ! Horror ! Heaven forfend such offense ! ;-) has no search box to find 
if/ how much was paid to make FreeBSD & its people look ridiculous.

It reduced my interest to list the FreeBSD Foundation in my will
  (Wills usually list relatives & friends first if alive, but
  sometimes with a default of a group of charities as fallback)

Rather than waste money on rubbish
  "based on the example policy from the Geek Feminism wiki"

One could look at donating money for BSD _code_ via or possibly
we share BSD driver etc code after developed anyway.

PS Re. censored media: jobs at freebsd is also censored.

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