FreeBSD has a politics problem

David Fox fox at
Sun Mar 4 19:51:04 UTC 2018

As a young adult user, webmaster and someone's who was trying to construct a project scope for using FreeBSD as replacement for our pre-existing systems within a animation studio, this is a let down.

Diversity is a thing, and yes it's a big thing on the internet and in real life. I work with it everyday and its tricky. However not only do I feel offended as it kind of targets me but also embarrassed at the way this is going.

How hard would of it been to gone to the community (You do have forums) "Here's a draft copy of our CoC, people read and get back to us with feedback by: date" but no its like "Take it or leave it" and reading the motto of "Shut up and Code And Conduct"  from the email leak -- I'm sorry but that's just so rude. If not insulting.

My money may not be a sponsorship money but still donated; on belief what FreeBSD was doing right. Can I get a refund.

Let me remind what the homepage mentioned when I donated:

"By donating to the foundation, you are helping us fund and manage projects, sponsor FreeBSD events, and provide travel grants to FreeBSD developers. You are also helping us represent the Project in executing contracts, license agreements, copyrights, trademarks, and other legal arrangements that require a recognized legal entity." Is the CoC any of this?

And now If I am hearing right you're now using my donation money which had my intent on development and improvement to reach outside and hire someone who's not even related to the foundation, nor if any have any idea to the whole world of IT. It's just shameful. Not only does this effect the foundation but it also ruins the pitch I was hoping to show.. Thanks.

Having moderators deleting sensible debates. Censorship, and an large email leak, yeah that really shows maturity.  You got racism, rude remarks, insulting behavior all rolled into one and online now. Just my 2cents.

I'm just someone who is trying to encourage FreeBSD's growth and someone in a younger generation which you need to push the drive. Everyone knows *nix but not really does anyone know FreeBSD. Stop the censorship and actually start listening to what users have to say. Politics have started to take over FreeBSD and the foundation is starting to turn blind with age. If not influenced by those who should really not have any say.

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