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LaWanda Johnson lawanda4656 at
Thu Jun 7 21:21:28 UTC 2018

 Hi,Here are two ebooks about pioneering Black women;“Fanny Marion Jackson Coppin: First Black Female Principal,”  (available onOver Drive) and “Ms. Forten of Philadelphia,” Bothbooks are free with Amazon Prime. Short, sweet, and only 99 ȼ.  Five stars on ! “Hell Hath NoFury.” OFF THE PRESS!!!! “ABCs of the BOP;” Re-released,updated, new and improved, ready for primetime paperback (ISBN 9781548538514)and eBook  whichI believe can be ordered on Over Drive). Get your copy now. Give a copy.Recommended reading for anyone pursuing a career in criminal justice; anyonewho has an incarcerated friend or relative; anyone who believes it is time forcriminal justice reform; and anyone who just wants to know what the heck goeson in women’s prisons. Thank you in advance for ordering my books.L.A. Johnson of Aberdeen, WA PS:  Thank youin advance for adding my books to your collection.   

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