CoC does not help in benchmarks

Chad Jacob Milios freebsd-list at
Tue Jul 17 15:38:27 UTC 2018

> On Jul 17, 2018, at 5:23 AM, Erich Dollansky <freebsd.ed.lists at> wrote:
> you mean, the money spent on the CoC would not helped to develop better
> code by getting people willing to code for the same amount of money.

Now I see your point. Do we know how much was spent on CoC? I get zero hits for /(coc|conduct)/i on all pdfs linked from the body of <>

I thought i recall Deb Goodkin said that means its expenditure was “insignificant”. I dont have a citation unfortunately but at some point in the last couple years i wanna say i heard numbers around $1000 being tossed around but it sounded like conjecture to me at the time. Am I anywhere near the mark? Did i miss something more concrete coming out?

I still don’t see what’s to get so bent out of shape about. Is it that y’all want more transparency, finer granularity, etc? Are coders really leaving or effectively going “on strike” over this?

> I come from a background where we say, stop it before it takes over.
> What ever bad thing appeared in the past, appeared very smooth, very
> gentle, just like this CoC.

Ok, i can hear you now. I think you’re saying that just about EVERY horrific attrocity of human rights in the history of humankind had at one time began with seemingly good intensions and was touted as innocent and reasonable. You’re worried our CoC is pointing in the direction of hindering innovation by stifling free speech and the exchange of ideas. You wonder if a silent majority is simply leaving because they recognize this with their gut intuition but are not as vocal, opinionated or invested as those spearheading the controversy. (?)

Am i close? I have hardly taken in very much of this saga. I’ve mostly tried to ignore it and not let it distract me from my work or my participation in The Project.

May I politely ask your background, out of curiosity? Is it that you’re German or Jewish? Would that be a fair question or an inappropriate presumption? I think i can also feel a bit of what you’re saying now, that i’m not quite sure if i’m running afoul of the CoC in asking that question and now my anxiety says i should just shut up and leave.

> The Nineties are over, yes, but is civilisation also over?

I don’t think civilization was ever at risk of ending. Lawd, i hope this isn’t the end of civility in the FreeBSD project.

Maybe I’m being melodramatic but this brings to mind something i read once along the lines of: A peace maintained by force or restriction cannot be sustained and will eventually explode violently or crumble chaotically. Or: Without freedom there can be no liberty. Without liberty there can be no justice. Without justice there can be no lasting peace.

> Of course, people can work on FreeBSD with the new CoC. But do they
> have to work?

I’m sorry, i don’t think i caught your meaning here.

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