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> > here are the consequences of putting a CoC up high on the priority
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> There is NO indication of causality here. Your logic is missing or
> flawed.
you mean, the money spent on the CoC would not helped to develop better
code by getting people willing to code for the same amount of money.

> > Focusing on software would have made FreeBSD do better.  
> Fair ‘nuff, let’s do that. What is it that you’re focusing on with
> this message or [ongoing] thread, though?
Just documenting some short comings of the project in its current state.

> Insightful and informative. Thank you, Jeff. I think any of us who’ve
> had any real participation in the various forums of communication
> used by The Project for any significant length of time are familiar
> with the often passionate and sometimes contentious nature of many
> talented and creative people. When a necessary response, which may
> come as drastic, is sometimes taken it’s only made worse if it’s met
> with shock and surprise by the may-be brat throwing the would-be
> tantrum.
> You know, Erich, this is a perfectly valid question. I had the same
> very same question myself, and I must say, it’s a mighty fine CoC you
> got here. I see nothing at all wrong with yer short CoC, but see,
> we’re white, we’re men. A small CoC’s always seemed to work well
> enough for us. Ask the women though. See what they think. Ask a
> darker fellow how he appreciates the utility of having the longer,
> broader CoC.
I showed this to my wife. She is not white, and - what a surprise - she
is not make. All she could do is laugh. There was a time, when she
asked if white people are really that bad. The CoC gave a clear answer.

> Core and the CoC committee did _not_ have an easy job to do! No, they
> didn’t do it flawlessly but it seems like it’s so Gawt dayum easy for
> some of y’all to sit back and complain from your easy chair. If you
> actually know how to behave and conduct yourself as a decent human
> being then why t.f. should the prior or current CoC have any real
> bearing on your life _whatsoever_? This is not rhetorical. I am
> seriously asking, please, can someone explain all this butthurt to me?
I come from a background where we say, stop it before it takes over.
What ever bad thing appeared in the past, appeared very smooth, very
gentle, just like this CoC.

> I can admit, i do understand the appeal of the good ol’ days of the
> boyz club. Colorful and loud, outright raucous discourse, i tend to
> enjoy. But we are a bigger project now. Like Warner said, the 90’s
> are over. With all the good we’ve achieved comes some compromises.
> I’d rather support and protect diversity.

The Nineties are over, yes, but is civilisation also over?
> Can anyone actually tell me why they find the long CoC so
> intimidating? Honestly, who really left the project _over_the_CoC_?
> Pointing at our CoC to cast blame is just simple minded and lazy.
> There are PLENTY of problems and issues with the project and the
> software while there are also many very good very hard working people
> doing all that they can to make FreeBSD GREAT, and I think it still
> is. I find discussions about those issues to be infinitely more
> interesting than bickering about our CoC.

Of course, people can work on FreeBSD with the new CoC. But do they
have to work?

The future will tell.
> Much LOVE to all of you. Oh shoot, now did I just trip over FreeBSD’s
> massive CoC?

How come? You are a bad boy. And have a person who makes a fuss out of


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