FOSDEM 2016 : BSD devrooms

Rodrigo Osorio fbsdml at
Thu Oct 22 20:59:40 UTC 2015

Hi all,

This is the call for participation for the BSD devroom at the FOSDEM 
2016, who takes place in Brussels (Belgium) the 30 & 31 January.

So, if you wanna make a talk come on an apply !

The topic of the devroom includes all BSD operating systems and every
talk is welcome from hacker discussions to real-word examples and
presentations about new and shiny features !

Important dates
* The devroom day         : 2016-01-31 (Sunday)
* Submission deadlines    : 2015-12-10
* Acceptance notifications: 2015-12-20

* The default duration for talks will be 45 minutes including
    Feel free to ask if you want to have a longer or a shorter slot.

* Presentations can be recorded and streamed, sending your proposal
    implies giving permission to be recorded.
    However, exceptions can be made for exceptional circumstances.

To submit your proposal, visit :

/!\ If you already have a Pentabarf account, please *don't* recreate
/!\ a new one. If you forgot your password, reset it.
/!\ If not, follow the instructions to create an account.

Then create an “event” and click on "Show all" in the top right corner
to display the full form.

Your submission must include the following information

* The title and subtitle of your talk (please be descriptive, as titles
   will be listed with ~500 from other projects)
* select “BSD devroom” as the track.
* A short abstract of one paragraph
* A longer description if you wish to do so
* Links to related websites/blogs etc.

If you have any question regarding the organization or a talk proposal 
feel free to ask.

- Rodrigo Osorio
On behalf of the BSD Devroom

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