Open Source course material for teaching on/with FreeBSD

George Neville-Neil gnn at
Fri Nov 20 12:44:11 UTC 2015


Thursday evening at 18:00 BST I pushed changes to that 
the page so that it points to a new github repo, owned by the teachbsd
organization (
The organization is run by Robert Watson and myself.
We can add or remove collaborators if and when that becomes appropriate.

The initial repository ( contains all
of the material for the practitioner and masters style courses as well 
as a PDF for the teaching guide.
All of the material is licensed under a BSD doc team license, also 
visible in the repo and on the github site.

Our goal now is to initially recruit a small number of universities to 
with us to teach this material, and to have the number grow as we polish
the material.  We also wish to solicit contributions of similar teaching 
for inclusion in the site, via links at first, and into the repo if that 
seems appropriate
at a later time.

We will keep you posted on our progress.


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