BSDstate-6.0 has been released

Yuri yuri at
Wed May 6 00:45:33 UTC 2015

I am happy to announce that BSDstats-6.0 has just been released. (port 
I took over its maintainership, cleaned it up, very close to a complete 

For those who doesn't know what it is: It is the system that is 
anonymously reporting the general statistics about your system: CPU, 
hardware, OS version, installed packages. Reporting is done monthly, or 
on demand. Data is added to the central database, and can be viewed at It is designed for all BSDs, not just FreeBSD. 
Some other BSDs require it to run with bash shell.

Major changes:
1. It now has "TOR" port option, that allows to submit through the tor 
anonymity network for even better anonymity.
2. Submission through HTTP proxy is fixed. It now works through proxies 
with and without authentication.
3. It works many times faster now. Usually finishes in under 10 seconds.
4. Many smaller bugs are fixed.

Please install BSDstats and use it. It helps port maintainers and driver 
developers to better focus their efforts. It is not collecting any 
personally identifiable data. All data is handled with the greatest 
respect of your privacy in mind. Keeping it installed is all you need to do.


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