an unexpected BSD user

Fraser Tweedale frase at
Mon May 4 05:25:14 UTC 2015

Most BSD users I encounter are developers, sysadmins or people in
other computing fields; I guess that most people on this list would
have the same experience.  Occasionally I meet a person of some
other vocation who is a Linux user.  Rarely do I encounter a BSD
user "in the wild", but it happened today so I thought I would

Two tradesmen arrived to remove the asbestos cladding from my shed.
They asked me to move my car.  After doing this one of them asked,
"So, are you some sort of open source developer?"

"Uhh... well, yes I am.  How did you guess?"

"Your number plate."

I was astonished.  My wife has been teasing me for years that noone
understands my BSD-flavoured personalised plates.  Well, take that!
Anyhow, I asked him whether he uses free software and he explained
that he had been using BSD for 15 years (he did not specify which
BSD; perhaps FreeBSD, perhaps not).

So there you have it.  It is easy to be blinkered and imagine that
BSD is only used by computer-ing people with computer-y jobs, but it
is nice to be reminded that BSD (and free software in general) does
reach into the everyday lives of all kinds of people.

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