Concerning our new Code of Conduct...

Tony Theodore tony.t at
Thu Jul 16 19:52:07 UTC 2015

> On 17 Jul 2015, at 02:38, Johannes Jost Meixner <johannes at> wrote:
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> As requested, an imgur album of the tweets in question, because no one
> seems to be able to read the original attachments of Randi Harper's
> "celebrating" the release of the Code of Conduct.

Now I’m completely lost. It took me a while to click that link for fear of where it would lead…

> Yes, I know I could take this with a grain of salt, and that I could
> relax and take it as the joke that everyone else here seems to
> understand. However, this joke is in no language known to me so far.

I don’t get the “joke” either (happens to me a lot), but I can appreciate the levity of a cutesy costume.

“Male tears” ===  “Power to Serve”, show me you get that.

> How would the world like it if I celebrated this same code of conduct,
> collecting "female tears”?

Try it and see. Do you want to collect female tears?

> I bet, if I were to post that, I would have generated a huge shitstorm
> in doing that.

Really, try it and see. FreeBSD Advocacy is not the platform to place such bets.

> But then, equality exists only in parts, and some
> animals are more equal than others.

Exactly. Think very, very, very hard about that statement.



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