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Chris Benesch chris.benesch at
Thu Jul 16 13:47:50 UTC 2015

This is a tough thing to be in the middle of, but lets look at the 
facts.  I moderated a forum for years, and it had no clearly defined 
goal like this community, so it was nothing but people poking sticks at 
each other and/or local government.

1 . Randi basically called Johannes a "whiny little prick".  Sorry I 
couldnt see the attachments he provided but based on her responses, I 
dont think I'm far off.

2 . Johannes says that she should stop because we have a code of conduct 
that prohibits that.

Whoever is a majority or minority or whatever doesnt matter.  This is 
about the good of our operating system that we know and love.  If people 
want to fight, insult, date each other, or discuss the latest episode of 
Friends, do it on the appropriate forum or through traditional email.  
I'm a nobody, I contributed to pstree ten years ago when AIX5L came 
out.  All I am saying is dont feed the troll, and most of all, dont let 
the immature actions of one individual sabotage valuable work to an 
important cause.  There are a lot of personality types involved here, 
and just because you dont like them as a friend isnt what this is all 
about.  If you dont like them, dont talk to them, simple as that.  
Personal attacks have no place here.  And yes, Randi, those are personal 
attacks, no matter how much you try to intellectualize them.

On 7/16/2015 6:52 AM, Edelwin Khaelos wrote:
>>> There are approximately 400 active committers, and not even five of
>>> those are women.  How the *hell* can you claim to be discriminated
>>> against when you are part of a 99% majority?
>> So you are saying that one person can't complain against other person
>> actions/behaviour strictly because it is part of some majority? 
>> That's like
>> very sexist (given we're talking about being male/female here) and
>> discriminative (in general) thing since you're denying him the same 
>> rights
>> simply because he's a male.
>> I think that's realy bad thing.
> Congratulations, you totally missed the point :)
> You are saying that a person belonging to a *ruling* majority is being 
> discriminated against in their own ruling majority by a concept which 
> denounces a whiny and hypocrite behaviour (male tears: when a member 
> of this ruling majority tries ‑unsuccessfully‑ to impersonate an 
> oppressed minority when their ruling position is in jeopardy).
> (good luck in you life, by the way, because this kind of behaviour 
> only works on the Internet… or at least that's what you thought ;)
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