Concerning our new Code of Conduct...

Edelwin Khaelos edelwin at
Thu Jul 16 12:52:56 UTC 2015

>> There are approximately 400 active committers, and not even five of
>> those are women.  How the *hell* can you claim to be discriminated
>> against when you are part of a 99% majority?
> So you are saying that one person can't complain against other person
> actions/behaviour strictly because it is part of some majority? That's like
> very sexist (given we're talking about being male/female here) and
> discriminative (in general) thing since you're denying him the same rights
> simply because he's a male.
> I think that's realy bad thing.

Congratulations, you totally missed the point :)

You are saying that a person belonging to a *ruling* majority is being 
discriminated against in their own ruling majority by a concept which 
denounces a whiny and hypocrite behaviour (male tears: when a member of 
this ruling majority tries ‑unsuccessfully‑ to impersonate an oppressed 
minority when their ruling position is in jeopardy).

(good luck in you life, by the way, because this kind of behaviour only 
works on the Internet… or at least that's what you thought ;)

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