Concerning our new Code of Conduct...

Alex de Kruijff akruijff at
Thu Jul 16 11:39:03 UTC 2015

On 16-07-2015 13:14, Big Lebowski wrote:
>> Johannes Jost Meixner <johannes at> writes:
>>> I - as a male - feel not only not tolerated, but also discriminated
>>> against,
>> There are approximately 400 active committers, and not even five of
>> those are women.  How the *hell* can you claim to be discriminated
>> against when you are part of a 99% majority?
> So you are saying that one person can't complain against other person
> actions/behaviour strictly because it is part of some majority? That's like
> very sexist (given we're talking about being male/female here) and
> discriminative (in general) thing since you're denying him the same rights
> simply because he's a male.
He has a point. The following quote is from the movie Philidephia: "This 
is the essence of discrminiation formulating oppions on others not based 
on there individual merrits, but rather on there membership of a group 
with the same charakteristics."

Saying you feel discriminated agains implies that you are being juged on 
your membership of a group.


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