Re: Concerning our new Code of Conduct...

Johannes Jost Meixner johannes at
Thu Jul 16 10:49:43 UTC 2015

If the Code of Conduct does not protect me as an individual against the discriminations of another individual, whatever their sex, gender, political orientation, sexual preference, it is not worth the paper it is written on.

My own sex, gender, political orientation, sexual preference is completely irrelevant to this topic.

If the core team does not seem my contributions worthy of respect, and my personal honor worthy of protection against discrimination from any one team member whatever their current contributions or positions they uphold,

I leave. 

The loss is the project's to take into account.

With this you are setting a dangerous precedent with this issue, where one individual can take more than 400 others hostage and force their - feminist, and beyond that, EXPLICITLY anti-male (cf. Attachments of the original post) - opinion on everyone else, regardless of their country of origin, their personal beliefs, and their own morals.

What do you think is going to happen?

That across all times, I have been the first to suffer this treatment? That I will be the last?

FreeBSD thinks it is an open and inclusive community. I have had the chance of working with a few very bright, female, contributors, who have not yet been brought into the project. They will be, and they will happily join the ranks of ports and source committers.

But they too will be wondering... What if they express any opinion that does not conform to the main party line? Will they have to give up their commit bits as well? Should they even speak up against any deficits and serious nuisances, if they are doomed to be silenced and spoken down to, for having that opinion and making it public?

I seriously do not think any of this is what you actually intend to do when the code of conduct as it is published mentions that FreeBSD is, quote, a meritocracy, unquote. 

Whether I see any merit in Randi Harper being a member of this project, I think I have made this clear. Whether anyone else sees any merit in me in keeping on contributing is a question that, thankfully, DES cannot unanimously answer.


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