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Wed Jan 28 20:40:17 UTC 2015


I don't know who follows NANOG, but a recent discussion raised a positive
position much likely suitable to the advocacy mailing list, concerning
FreeBSD Netmap vs Intel DPDK and so on.

I believe it's worth sharing this guy's point of view and case:

I quite agre with those statements, and I specially agree with this

"I honestly hope a fraction of this million dollar donated to FreeBSD
Foundation from WhatsApp founder goes on research and enhancements for
Netmap technology.

It's the most promising networking technology I have seen in the last
years, and it goes straight to what FreeBSD does best: networking
performance. It's not a coincidence that since the beginning of Internet,
top Internet traffic servers, from Yahoo! to WhatsApp and Netflix, run

I don't know how important decisions can be addressed concerning adding to
a Netmap stack a superset of full forwarding capability along with lagg(4),
vlan(4), Q-in-Q, maybe carp(4) and other lightweight but still very
kernel-path choppy features. But I hope FreeBSD engineers take good
decisions on assigning those issues. And address time, funds and goals to

For now, however, if you really want a relatively new and innovative
technology with actual code to use and run, ready and available, this is my
suggestion: FreeBSD+Netmap."

I completely agree Netmap is promising, innovative and adds incomparable
potentials for FreeBSD in the future and hope FreeBSD (Foundation &
Project) gives some extra attention future netmap enhancements.

I also agree Netmap has proven itself with more usable code, utilities and
samples provided by Professor Luigi Rizzo than Intel DPDK and Linux stuff
(aka DNA).

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