projects to better support FreeBSD sysadmins

Craig Rodrigues rodrigc at
Thu Jan 15 13:33:18 UTC 2015

On Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at 9:48 PM, Steve Rikli <sr at> wrote:

> Instead, I think there needs to be more focus on the parts of the OS
> automated installation which are FreeBSD-specific and different from
> the Linux Kickstart equivalents; e.g. just off the top of my head:
>     - how is the FreeBSD pxeboot loader different from Linux?  E.g.
>       what args/options will it accept?  Can it play nicely with
>       PXElinux these days?  Example pxe.cfg files?  What if you need
>       to have multiple FreeBSD versions and architectures Kickstarted
>       from the same server?
>     - what is the modern FreeBSD equivalent of a Linux Kickstart
>       ks.cfg file, if any?
>     - how does one script/automate the postinstall configuration with
>       sysinstall or PC-BSD's installer or ???
>     - likewise for preinstall steps, if applicable (Linux Kickstart
>       has sections for both in the kickstart config file) e.g. for
>       disk partitioning or other early actions during an automated
>       OS install

I just found out about something today.
Can you review this work by Google Summer of Code student Kamil Czekirda
and see how functional it is compared to Linux kickstart:

If this work fits the needs, then maybe we can focus on getting it into
the FreeBSD tree, improving the docs, and making sure that web searches
for "FreeBSD kickstart" show this stuff.

> Whereas for better or worse, Linux Kickstart and PXElinux (or SYSlinux
> etc.) seems to be the defacto standard for typical OS deployments, until
> you get to cloud-y things and cloning VMs and whatnot.  But even in
> cloud/vm areas, you still may want to Kickstart at least the 1st
> instance, right?

I definitely need to bootstrap/kickstart the first initial instance of
VM's for things I am working on.  I think other people need to do the same
thing also.


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