FreeBSD ZFS advocacy

Erich Dollansky erichsfreebsdlist at
Wed Apr 8 05:02:30 UTC 2015


On Mon, 06 Apr 2015 20:37:25 -0400
Allen <SlackWareWolf at> wrote:

> > You could also try contacting iX directly.  If your company likes 
> > proprietary solutions, then iX can sell you something that looks to 
> > management like a proprietary system, even if it doesn't to the
> > people actually using it...
> Hahaha! I'm sorry to waste peoples tome with basically a giggle, but
> when I read that line, I just instantly had a mental image of the
> usual pointy haired moron managers all sitting around a boardroom
> table saying to one person that FreeBSD being free must have no real
> value, and then 5 minutes later someone showing then the same OS but
> with a price tag from a company and then them all shaking their heads
> yes in agreement because the sticker for the price tag is shiny and
> looks good. Lol, sorry about the basically useless reply but it
> brightened my day and maybe by pointing it out, it may brighten
> someone elses day as well.

a long time ago, I did some work for a e-commerce site. Huge machines
with the need for a huge firewall. So, the people purchased a huge
firewall which was practically a FreeBSD machine based on standard
hardware. The client was happy to pay roughly ten times the price of
the plain hardware.


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