FreeBSD ZFS advocacy

Allen SlackWareWolf at
Tue Apr 7 00:37:35 UTC 2015

> You could also try contacting iX directly.  If your company likes 
> proprietary solutions, then iX can sell you something that looks to 
> management like a proprietary system, even if it doesn't to the people 
> actually using it...

Hahaha! I'm sorry to waste peoples tome with basically a giggle, but when I 
read that line, I just instantly had a mental image of the usual pointy 
haired moron managers all sitting around a boardroom table saying to one 
person that FreeBSD being free must have no real value, and then 5 minutes 
later someone showing then the same OS but with a price tag from a company 
and then them all shaking their heads yes in agreement because the sticker 
for the price tag is shiny and looks good. Lol, sorry about the basically 
useless reply but it brightened my day and maybe by pointing it out, it may 
brighten someone elses day as well.

Oh, and I'm sorry if this email displays bad; I'm writing this email with 
my phone, and though I love AquaMail as an email client, it does have a few 
quirks that can be odd.

For whatever it's worth to the OP; I've been using FreeBSD for a while, and 
I bought my first version of it, which was FreeBSD 4.0-Current, in my 
FreeBSD PowerPak. I was just getting into computers, and I was at Best Buy 
of all places with my mom, and I just happened to see it on the shelf; The 
FreeBSD PowerPak with FreeBSD 4.0-Current, and the book "The Compete 
FreeBSD". I still have the box, book, and all 10CDs  :-)

My next work station is going to be from iX systems, as they have some of 
the finest computers money can buy in my opinion.


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