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El día Tuesday, April 01, 2014 a las 08:38:28AM +0100, David Chisnall escribió:

> Just a small note here: Improving power management is something that the Core Team and the Foundation have jointly identified as an important goal, in particular for mobile / embedded scenarios.  We're currently coordinating potential sponsors for the work and soliciting proposals from people interested in doing the work.  If you know of anyone in either category then please drop either me, core, or the Foundation an email.


Using every day one of my FreeBSD netbooks (see below), I know very well
that improving power management and by this the uptime while running on
battery is a serious issue. I'm currently surprised about the big
diff between two of my netbooks, one running 1 hour only while the other
runs ~4 hours. I'm thinking about building a cable connection between
the battery and the netbooks to measure the exact power drain (normally
one can not see this because the battery is connected into its bay and
you can not put any meter in there).

I'm an experienced C-programmer and long time FreeBSD user and tester
and I'm willing to dig deeper into this work. Please let me know if
there is something to work on.

Attached below is a description of the two mentioned netbooks and their
uptime values.



comparing battery life time of [EeePC 900] and [Acer Aspire One D250]

          | EeePC 900                   | Acer Aspire One D250
CPU       | 900 MHz Intel Celeron M 353 | 2x Intel Atom CPU N270 @ 1.60GHz
RAM       | 2 GByte                     | 1 GByte
disk      | 2x SSD (4 GB, 16 GB)        | WDC WD2500BEVT-22ZCT0 11.01A11
          |                             | ATA-8 SATA 2.x, 238475MB
display   | TFT 1024x600 9"             | TFT 1024x600 10"   
FreeBSD   | 10-CURRENT r255948          | 10-CURRENT r250588
KDE       | 4.10.5                      | 3.5.10
WAN (UMTS)| USB u3g Huawei E1750        | USB u3g Huawei E1750
battery   | Li-ion A22-701 7.4V 7200mAh | Li-ion UM08B74 11.1V 5200mAh / 54Wh
          | 53.380Wh                    | 57.720Wh
uptime    | ~1 hours                    | ~4 hours

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