FreeBSD at Solutions Linux exibition

Rodrigo OSORIO rodrigo at
Tue Jun 10 22:18:07 UTC 2014

			FreeBSD at Solutions Linux 2014

In may 19, took place in Paris (La Défense), France ,"Solutions Linux", 
a two days professional exhibition dedicated to free software and open 
source. Half of the exposition hall was dedicated to professionals 
selling open source solutions, the other half to open source groups.
In 2013 Solutions Linux was 5980 visitors and 180 stands.

For quite along time, with BSDFrance, we participate to the event to 
help promoting FreeBSD and other BSDs to the visitors.

Usually we made a large order to the FreeBSD mall before the event, then 
we sell all those stuff (t-shirts, caps and so on), but due to a lack of 
time we run a less abundant stand, but we have nice stickers ! few horns 
and stress balls.

We also draws lots between donators, 4 paperback copies of the Michale 
Lucas books "sudo mastery" and "DNSSec Mastery".

We had a lot of fun, exchanging with visitors and peoples from other 
projects and answer a lot of question, specially about pkg and the wip 
in the ports tree.

We also collect 155 euros (about 210 USD) for the FreeBSD project.

And of course we had 4 winners for the books \o/ ... plus someone who 
wants to exchange a price from another stand with one of the Michael's 

We Freeddy Dissaux (bsdsx), and me (rodrigo@) want to thanks all the 
volunteers who comes to help us.

You can see a few pictures took during the event here[1]. I also have 
the full set here[2]

- rodrigo


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