[FreeBSD-Announce] vBSDcon Registrations Only Open For 30 More Days!

Brett Glass brett at lariat.org
Mon Sep 23 18:51:34 UTC 2013


It's good to see corporate support of BSD, but at the same time I 
have mixed feelings about certain corporations -- Verisign among 
them -- hosting BSD-related conferences or becoming involved in the 
development of BSD-based operating systems. Why? Because Verisign, 
based in Reston, Virginia (the city next door to Vienna, VA, home 
of the NSA), has strong ties to this shadowy agency. The NSA, in 
turn -- as reported in documents recently leaked by Edward Snowden 
-- has a very strong interest in weakening the security of 
cryptographic algorithms, cryptographic software, and operating 
systems. We may want to look this gift horse very carefully in the 
mouth, or at least monitor very closely "contributions" of code 
that might introduce backdoors or weaknesses.

--Brett Glass

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