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Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Tue Dec 17 02:43:07 UTC 2013

Beeblebrox wrote:
> The post below shows up at #7 in google search for "freebsd pf version".
> The title of the post is "Do not use FreeBSD 9.0 as a PF firewall "

"Posted on 02-20-2012 02:59:21 UTC | Updated on 03-29-2012 02:35:09 UTC"

Near 2 years old. Most readers of PD src OSs know a .0 release is
adventurous (though page author didnt mention that).  Most readers long
since would know to search for newer FreeBSDs, &
probably see 9.0 was dropped 2013-03-31, 8.5 month back.

> Probably a "known issue", but it could be useful to demand a follow-up post
> along the lines "9.2 is now the norm and sysutils/pftop is no longer
> broken".

Only Request not Demand, else you'll fail, annoy yourself & provoke strife.

> Failing that, lets set up a "FreeBSD malicious sites" page, where

No! It's just some guy who tried another UX,
who ran out of time before he learned all the differences.
Better not divert to create & maintain a growing set
of correctons to ever more ancient non blogs.

> deliberately misleading content or sites witch refuse to correct their
...........................................which is a different word not a typo.

It is not obvious he deliberately got things wrong IMO,
(When I last tried Linux for interest, I'm sure I got things wrong).

> slander are listed and pushed on to search engines. Just as a newspaper must

Wrong law. Slander is spoken, Libel is written.

> retract erroneous news reports, Blogs are also obligated to publish
> corrective measures taken by the companies or organizations which they have
> accused.

Forget law :
  - Of near 200 sovereign global nations independent legal systems,
    few might "obligate" web page corrections, & fewer enforce it,
    & only then if You pay a lawyer.
  - If something is not a page claiming to be a maintained current
    comparison, but merely a Blog (= b[.+]log ?) Log of experiences at Date,
    (as that page does) I see no obligation to waste time updating it.
  - Don't "Demand" a fix, Offer author a friendly short update ready
    to drop in, with href= to wherever your research with shows fixes were made.
  - Target MS for strife, not a BSD or a Linux.

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