Seeking interviews for a community awareness project (on FreeBSD!)

Kevin Zheng kevinz5000 at
Tue Apr 9 03:59:07 UTC 2013


As part of a community awareness project at our school, I've chosen to
give a presentation about the FreeBSD Project. I would love to share my
passion about FreeBSD with my classmates.

In addition to my presentation, I would like to include 2-3 interviews
from members of the community. The idea is to highlight the 'personal'
aspect of the community; for instance, I'm interested why everyone is
involved in the project in some way or another.

For my project, I would like at least two interviews; more are
definitely welcome! I'm looking to interview active members of the
project, be it a committer, a core team member, someone from the
Foundation, or even an occasional contributor (like me!).

Those who are interested should reply to me via private email with a
brief self-introduction. Based on your preference, I will arrange to
interview you via phone or email. The interview itself shouldn't take
more than 15 minutes.

If you're hesitating, remember that anyone reading this message is more
than qualified to answer a few questions! I appreciate your help with
sharing the project with new people!

Kevin Zheng

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