AW: Why Are You Using FreeBSD?

Jozef Baum jozef.baum at
Sat Jun 16 02:55:28 UTC 2012

I prefer FreeBSD for 4 reasons:

- FreeBSD has true Unix roots, it's not just a new implementation of Unix, 
like Linux.
- FreeBSD is a complete operating system, not just a kernel with third party 
utilities, like Linux.
- FreeBSD has a development concept which guarantees a much more homogeneous 
quality of the overall system than Linux.
- FreeBSD has a license agreement which offers much more freedom than the 
GPL, which applies to Linux.

However, there is much more documentatíon availabe to start with Linux than 
with FreeBSD.

The problem of FreeBSD is not its technical quality, but the complete lack 
of any efficient marketing.

FreeBSD people seem to think that, because FreeBSD is a superior product, 
people will use it. However, society doesn't work this way.

FreeBSD has to convince users of its benefits they can appreciate (not 
extremely technical onces), and to make the transition to FreeBSD as easy 
and smooth as possible for them.

This is definitely not something that can be done by people with a sticker 
"Intel inside" on their back, and who take it for granted that newcomers to 
FreeBSD know UNIX.

At present, FreeBSD positions itself as a system to which Linux user can 

FreeBSD should position itself as the best product for newcomers to the 

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Datum: Samstag, 16. Juni 2012 00:28
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Betreff: Re: Why Are You Using FreeBSD?

> On 5/31/2012 4:58 AM, David Chisnall wrote:
>> Thanks to all who replied, both on and off list.  I've attempted to
>> distill the replies that I got into a coherent summary.  I've put the
>> draft on the wiki here:
>> Feedback welcome!
> I thought it was nice :) I personally have liked the way that both
> FreeBSD and Slackware Linux have handled the Advocacy of the OS compared
> to some others. Not sure why, I just do.
> But it's nice to have this as well, because it's one thing to wear a
> FreeBSD tee shirt under a FreeBSD hoodie while wearing FreeBSD Boxers
> and using a Laptop covered in BSD stickers (Yea, I've done this), but
> it's probably easiest when someone asks why you use it, to simply say
> "Well, read this and see if you'd like it too, and it's free so you
> don't have to pay if you don't want to, and you can install it very
> easily, and configure every single aspect of it"
> I think we all have our reasons that we use it, and it's nice to see
> them kind of distilled into one place where you can send someone to
> look, or, just see what other people are using it with, and why, and
> what for, and maybe even get new ideas of your own.
> For whatever it's worth; GREAT job!
> -Allen / gore
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