Request for advice

Jared Barneck rhyous at
Tue Jun 12 21:15:37 UTC 2012

> I'm curious. When will the
>> examination cover other architectures such
>> as POWER/PowerPC, SPARC, and ARM?
>> Having an exam for such architectures would get the BSDs
>> recognition
>> as a reliable system with the Power group. Support for ARM
>> in the exam
>> could increase the use of the BSDs in embedded devices; and,
>> the same
>> is also true for certain Power architectures.
I am not sure if having a certification itself brings recognition. I used to believe that, but reality proved otherwise.  I think we need a product to bring recognition. 

I think we need to advertise FreeBSD to embedded, point-of-sale (POS), or appliance systems manufactures and get a lot more users and business on our side first. 

Or you could start a company that uses FreeBSD on such systems and see if you can make it...

> I am aware that the standard architecture being used is i386
>> and
>> amd64. I am also aware that development is taking place on
>> the
>> architectures mentioned.
>The BSDA exam is for system administration, not development.
Out of curiosity, is there a market for a FreeBSD Developer cert? 


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