Request for advice

Dru Lavigne dru.lavigne at
Tue Jun 12 22:06:39 UTC 2012

>>The BSDA exam is for system administration, not development.

>Out of curiosity, is there a market for a FreeBSD Developer cert? 

We have not done an analysis to see if there is a market. There has been interest since we started the program, which came as a surprise to us seeing that an open source developer can prove their skills by pointing to the code that they have contributed. Whereas, there really isn't a way for a system administrator to point to their body of work or for someone starting in the system administration field to prove that they do indeed possess the technical skills required for the job.

When putting together the exam, we work with employers to determine which skills are needed on the job and use that information as the blueprint for putting together the exam's questions.




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