Request for advice

David Chisnall theraven at
Tue Jun 12 07:22:36 UTC 2012

Hi Dru,

On 11 Jun 2012, at 20:33, Dru Lavigne wrote:

> The BSDCG gets requests quite often from employers who are looking for admins with BSD skills. We refer them to our BSDA certified linked in group as its members are all BSDA certified. There is also a linkedin group for those interested in BSD certification which is a good resource for networking with other admins who are interested in BSD.

Do we currently have any references to or even mentions of this on the web site?  And are there any more open alternatives to LinkedIn?  It would be great if we could host job adverts for FreeBSD admins and developers somewhere easy to find from the main site, even if it's not actually part of the site.


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