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Mon Jan 30 10:59:49 UTC 2012

> From:		Paul Lambert <eb30750 at> 
> Date:		Sun, 29 Jan 2012 23:50:32 -0500 
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Paul Lambert wrote:
> I have completed installing VB on FBSD with good results to report.  Though
> it did require several days of researching various system tweaks the up and
> running VB that I have is almost 100% on par with VMware.  I have a couple
> of Windows VMs running and I believe FBSD is a better virtual host than
> VMware on Fedora.  However, since I have not run VB on Fedora nor VMware on
> FreeBSD this is only an unsupported observation at this point.
> I would like to communicate with the FBSD VM evangelist about several
> topics if possible one topic is regarding USB.

freebsd-emulation at

> Also, I would like to communicate with the FBSD desktop evangelist as well

> about a few ideas particularly someone who has access to Firefox/Mozilla
> developers.
> Thanks
> Paul
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