Profitable investment

Wayne Finger care at
Thu Jan 19 08:55:54 UTC 2012

Good Morning,

My name is Wayne Finger; I am a US citizen and private business consultant based in London. I have this very legitimate proposal for your or your company. I represent the interest of two government officials in North Africa. I am entrusted with the responsibility of locating a capable overseas partner with whom we can work to discretely transfer a considerable large sum of money for overseas investment.

The funds were earned through private commission from contracts, royalties and exploration rights. We are in need to transfer out of here as soon as possible, in view of new situations we are presently faced with. We are willing to invest with your assistance after transfer is completed. I would respectfully request you maintain confidentiality, and appreciate your urgent response to enable me provide more details.

I can be reached anytime via E-mail at: finwnx at 

Thank you,

Wayne Finger

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