Request for comments on a keycap (keyboard key) logo

Tim Čas darkuranium at
Fri Dec 21 01:30:36 UTC 2012

The company only deals with laser etching and engraving, so these will be
the options.

And as stated in my last email (BTW, made a typo there: meant "only* the
monochromatic", not "on the monochromatic" versions are applicable), both
will be made available.

I suppose it is time to post the link; here are the relevant keycaps:

The Command icon and Tux's (Linux logo's) feet are rather thin, and yet
they don't seem to have any problems with those. Of course, *engraving* (as
opposed to etching) might prove to be rather challanging with those, but
I'd say they know what they're doing! =)

On 21 December 2012 02:21, Jason Dickman <jdickmanut at> wrote:

> Which method of legend printing do you plan on using? I'd be worried that
> even that level of detail
> would be difficult to execute well with laser etching.
> Although Beastie is the beloved mascot of freeBSD, what about using the
> simpler horned-sphere/
> circle logo? It would produce a cleaner and maybe more recognizable
> legend. Also you'd have more
> options to make it something real special (doubleshot anyone?).
> JD
> On 20 December 2012 17:26, Tim Čas <darkuranium at> wrote:
>> Update -- shortened the feet:
>> Nevermind the non-filled-in eyes, I think that's an unintentional change
>> of
>> his [the guy working on this].
>> Marshall has replied, and he has given this his seal of approval, so to
>> speak; I quote:
>>     "I've contacted Marshall regarding the use of this particular image,
>> with the modification, and he will consent the use of it for this
>> purpose."
>> Any comments on the Beastie (apart from the eyes)?
>> On 20 December 2012 17:14, Tim Čas <darkuranium at> wrote:
>> > Hey there. A few days ago, I asked a company which makes customized
>> > keycaps (for the Cherry MX keys) if they'd consider adding a FreeBSD
>> logo
>> > to their selection of OS keycaps (aka the Windows/Super/Command keys),
>> to
>> > complement the Amiga and Linux variants that they have (plus the usual
>> Mac,
>> > and the even more usual Windows, of course).
>> >
>> > To my suprise, their response was affirmative, and after a couple of
>> > emails sent back and forth, they've presented me with a potential draft
>> for
>> > the Beastie logo (I do not know at this time if they plan on adding both
>> > the "orb" and the Beastie logos, but I have suggested for them to add
>> both).
>> >
>> > Here is the draft:
>> I will probably be reorganizing my server soonish, so this won't be
>> > up forever).
>> > It is simply a monochromatic rendering of the Beastie here:
>> >
>> >
>> > Before you ask, yes, I did inform them about the copyright status of the
>> > artwork, and they said that they've contacted the author. I'm pretty
>> sure
>> > that he won't mind this being used to promote the OS by having this as
>> an
>> > option for the keys!
>> >
>> > I'll give you the link to the company -- and the relevant OS keys page
>> --
>> > later, for I fear that I might be pushing the limits by having 2 links
>> in
>> > my first email to the list, and that a 3rd might go over the top.
>> Besides,
>> > they haven't *yet* added this to their selection.
>> >
>> > Anyways, the reason I'm sending this here is two-fold:
>> > 1) I'd like some comments on the Beastie variant above. Someone has
>> > already commented that the shoes look rather long; I've notified them of
>> > this.
>> > 2) Simply to let you know that, if you have a Cherry MX switch-based
>> > mechanical keyboard, you might be able to have FreeBSD OS keys soon!
>> >
>> > PS: I'm not sure if this is the right mailing list. I apologize if it's
>> > not.
>> >
>> > Best regards,
>> > Tim Čas
>> >
>> >
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