Request for comments on a keycap (keyboard key) logo

Tim Čas darkuranium at
Thu Dec 20 16:14:30 UTC 2012

Hey there. A few days ago, I asked a company which makes customized keycaps
(for the Cherry MX keys) if they'd consider adding a FreeBSD logo to their
selection of OS keycaps (aka the Windows/Super/Command keys), to complement
the Amiga and Linux variants that they have (plus the usual Mac, and the
even more usual Windows, of course).

To my suprise, their response was affirmative, and after a couple of emails
sent back and forth, they've presented me with a potential draft for the
Beastie logo (I do not know at this time if they plan on adding both the
"orb" and the Beastie logos, but I have suggested for them to add both).

Here is the draft: (n.b.:
I will probably be reorganizing my server soonish, so this won't be up
It is simply a monochromatic rendering of the Beastie here:

Before you ask, yes, I did inform them about the copyright status of the
artwork, and they said that they've contacted the author. I'm pretty sure
that he won't mind this being used to promote the OS by having this as an
option for the keys!

I'll give you the link to the company -- and the relevant OS keys page --
later, for I fear that I might be pushing the limits by having 2 links in
my first email to the list, and that a 3rd might go over the top. Besides,
they haven't *yet* added this to their selection.

Anyways, the reason I'm sending this here is two-fold:
1) I'd like some comments on the Beastie variant above. Someone has already
commented that the shoes look rather long; I've notified them of this.
2) Simply to let you know that, if you have a Cherry MX switch-based
mechanical keyboard, you might be able to have FreeBSD OS keys soon!

PS: I'm not sure if this is the right mailing list. I apologize if it's not.

Best regards,
Tim Čas

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