[SFD-discuss] SFD 2011: very hot! (fwd)

Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.com
Wed Sep 14 09:48:56 UTC 2011

Anyone have local in- country media or press release contact addresses for
http://www.softwarefreedomday.org	Which is this Saturday: 17 Sept 2011.

Some countries listed below & some on graphical map at
don't have contacts yet.  Contacts requested, please send to Cc:'d
	"Frederic Muller - SFI" <fred at softwarefreedomday.org>

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Hi guys!

We've now reach 402 teams with a few extra countries compared to 2010
(we've also lost a lot of teams in China for example ~40) and are
getting huge web traffic and excellent press coverage:

I am compiling a small list of big media site where I'll submit a short
intro/PR and keep my fingers crossed. If you help me to find the
contact/submit page for big media in your country I don't mind
submitting as well (or maybe I should just share the text, later today
but the text needs to be slightly adapted per country).

So far i was thinking to submit at:
- - CNN
- - FoxNews
- - NY times
- - Computer world
- - Reuters
- - ABC News
- - USA Today
- - CS News
- - Washington post

- - The Guardian
- - BBC
- - The Register

- - TV Channel 1 & 2
- - Le Monde
- - Le Parisien
- - Le point
- - Liberation
- - Le Figaro
- - Nouvelobs

- - ??



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