Press Release / Case Study Opportunity

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Thu Aug 11 21:06:15 UTC 2011

On Thu, 11 Aug 2011, Dan Rowe wrote:

> I work at a large e-commerce company that is in the process of moving
> our entire web-farm from Windows over to FreeBSD and re-branding in
> the process.
> With all the press and news we are going to be pumping out next month
> i figured it would be a good opportunity for positive exposure and PR
> for FreeBSD being used in a large, successful, online business.

That sounds great.

> Do you think there would be interest in making something like this happen?
> If so who would be the best person to discuss about a Press Release or
> Case Study?


I think this list will be fine. I will be glad to help edit, write, 
provide feedback, as needed.

> I did find the casestudy from a while back.
> I can definitely just put a pr in to add a couple pages to the docs
> section with our data if that's the preferred method.
> Just didn't know what other opportunities / options would be available.

I will let others comment on that (link to outside case study / press 
release versus hosting own).

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