Netcraft reliability survey

Jared Barneck rhyous at
Wed Aug 10 21:46:04 UTC 2011


Thank you for your suggestion. It was definitely appropriate to email this list with it, regardless of whether the decision to display this information on the FreeBSD's home page goes either way.

Sometimes short answers come across as rude unintentionally and so responses turn into nasty-grams.
Obviously this post escalated into nasty-grams, which is unfortunate. Also, sometimes their is a "do it yourself" attitude that came across in the wrong way and seemed to more attack you than provide you a process to do it yourself.

Let me apologize for all of us who have more technical skills than social skills. I hope your experience with FreeBSD is not going to be defined by one negative email exchange.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me directly. I can help submit a PR if necessary or any of the other tasks.

Let's start over with this response:

    Thanks for the suggestion.  
    It might not go far if a problem report (PR) is not submitted. A PR can be submitted here:
    Would you like to submit the PR yourself or are you hoping someone on this list does it?



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