Seeking list of "commercial companies that still have large scale FreeBSD deployment"

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Hi David Wolfskill! 

On Wed, 15 Sep 2010 16:46:43 -0700; David Wolfskill wrote about 'Seeking list of "commercial companies that still have large scale FreeBSD deployment"':

> My employer has been using HP machines a fair amount over the last
> couple of years (that I know of); I just received the following request
> from a contact in IT:
> | I had a chat with our  HP support team today try to get better
> | FreeBSD support on RAID controller in DL180. One thing that they
> | requested is to see ifwe can provide them a list of commercial
> | companies that still have large scale of FreeBSD deployment. They
> | mentioned that Yahoo is gradually moving away from FreeBSD. Do you
> | have some names that we can provide them? The ideais they can take
> | the list back to HP and  try to argue for more FreeBSD support.
> | They hired a guy to do FreeBSD support, but he left HP and went to
> | Google with his FreeBSD knowledge.
> Any help?  Thanks! has a large scale FreeBSD deployment.

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