Oggcamp 10 exhibition

Laura Czajkowski laura at lczajkowski.com
Mon Apr 5 17:59:21 UTC 2010


We'd like to invite you to exhibit at our OggCamp10 event on *1st - 2nd 
of May 2010 in Liverpool*, *UK*. Oggcamp is a 2 day celebration of 
technology, creativity and open source development, incorporating Free 
Culture (CC), art, politics, music and much more besides. It's a 
community event organised by the *Linux Outlaws* and *Ubuntu UK* 
*Podcast*. After great success in 2009 we're expanding Oggcamp for 2010 
with a much larger venue and 2 full days of activities. We expect 
250-300 attendees. You can find out more at http://oggcamp.org

The venue will include an exhibition area and we'd like to get 
interesting people such as yourselves involved in that. It's a chance to 
connect with the audience and share what you do.

We can provide:

    * A large exhibition table.

    * Access to at least one power socket - possibly more but you should
      bring your own 4-way if that's a concern.

    * A basic data connection - I would also suggest bringing a mobile
      dongle or 3G adapter as backup if your exhibit requires
      uninterupted Internet access though. Things can go wrong.

You would provide the content for your stand obviously and bring any 
extra computers/hardware you think you need to make it work.

We have* access to the venue from 8am on Saturday May 1st* to set up. 
We'd appreciate it if exhibitors arrived early so we can get everything 
ready before the doors open at 10:30am.

We'd really love it if you could join us. If you have any concerns or 
questions regarding the above please just get in touch. Spaces are quite 
limited so if you would like to exhibit we need a reply ASAP to reserve 
you a place.

Please reply directly to this or email oggcamp at ubuntu-uk.org

You can also find us in #oggcamp on the Freenode IRC network.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you there.




Skype: lauraczajkowski

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