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Mon Sep 28 19:27:30 UTC 2009

On Mon, 28 Sep 2009 10:20 -0000, andrea wrote:

> Il 28/09/2009 14.38, Kevin Hatfield ha scritto:
>> The simplest most effective way to grow the FreeBSD userbase is
>> indemnification. Large companies that purchase RHEL/SuSE, etc. It's
>> not because they "don't know what they're doing" as someone mentioned
>> above. Most of the large Enterprise RHEL/SUSE contracts come down to
>> indemnification with support being a bonus.
> I strongly agree and also share my personal experience in deploying a massive 
> system (3600 distributed boxes) in which Red Hat was adopted and FreeBSD 
> (even if the project would actually work better under FreeBSD) just becase 
> "if we run out of ideas we can always call red hat italy".
> This is a huge problem.....
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So basically... Bottom line is we need a stronger commercial support base than 
what is already implemented. Building upon that maybe more attention should be 
posed at getting certified BSD professionals into commercial support 
infrastructure sites that can influence small changes that impact future growth 
and funding.

Personally I am working on a company that is not even 1 city block away from me 
and at this time they support all forms of Linux and they are a remote IT 
support type entity that is handling database technologies and VoIP. I am 
looking at coming on as a BSD advocate to broaden their range of support.

If there is any suggestions that I could make as a selling point for a career at 
a company that does not offer any type of BSD support yet, I would certainly 
appreciate any feedback and ideas.

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