FreeBSD gear (Clothes, machines)

Allen GedankeZauberer at
Fri Sep 25 22:31:36 UTC 2009

Matt Olander wrote:
> Sorry for the top post but I only have some quick comments ;-)
> Great post, Allen. I'm glad you had a good experience with the mall,
> Allen. In fact, you are correct, we also host the Slackware site/store
> for Patrick and handle all the production details and shipping
> logistics. It's better for everyone if Patrick can focus on what he
> does best, which is continuing to develop one of the few linux distros
> that we'll recommend and support for linux users.

I was wondering about that ;) I kept noticing how the first Slackware 
book looked a lot like "The Complete FreeBSD" third edition, in terms of 
font and the overall design and thought "oh neat, well Pat seems like 
BSD maybe he liked that" but that's awesome you guys do that too. I'm 
glad I know now, it made sense to me now when I was emailing to ask a 
question the first time I ordered something.

I had never made an order before so I was emailing someone to see how 
long it normally takes, and if there was anything a new customer should 
know, and everyone has always been very nice, very kind, and very 
helpful, and I liked the experience overall, so once I got my order I 
took a few pics and sent them to the Slackware and BSD loving friends 
and told them that it was not only fast on delivery but that I got 
everything in the same day and everything looked good and that I 
recommended them.

The only time I ever had a problem, was when I ordered a DVD (20 Years 
of Berkeley Unix) and they more than went out of the way to help me out. 
They had a shipping error or ran out of stock, something that happens 
normally, it wasn't some big deal, but to make up for it I got a bunch 
of BSD stickers for free and thought it was a very kinf gesture since 
the order wasn't as big as the others and they showed me that even a 
small order matters to them, so I was very happy and wrote a quick 
review up and again recommended that everyone order something from 
there. I also said the stickers were very nice, and my laptop to this 
day is covered in them in a collage of BSD stickers and my monitors and 
PCs all have one too. I like them :)

> The mall is a division of iXsystems and we try and contribute back to
> FreeBSD in a variety of ways. You can see from the Foundation sponsors
> page that not only does the FreeBSD Mall contribute but iXsystems
> contributes separately as well (and some of the employees
> individually, too!):

I think that was what I had read, I was happy to see something gets back 
to the people who put this stuff out there without asking for a dime in 
return, so I like making orders to show people this stuff not only works 
but that the people designing it have taste :)

> We also do other things like establish a FreeBSD presence at
> tradeshows, sponsor specific development projects, employ a few people
> to work on FreeBSD, etc.

I've wanted to go to a BSD booth for so long! Rarely do we see those in 
Michigan ;) But I'd for sure go!

> Keep enjoying the best operating system on the planet and spreading
> the word like you have been!
> best,
> -matt
> PS - I love my BSD boxers :-D

Thanks for the info! And I plan on fully continuing my help with getting 
people used to the idea that you don't have to run an OS where you can't 
customize a Kernel. Or one where you can actually get uptime when you 
need a server that doesn't have time to reboot heh.

I go to colleges around here like I was saying and I did manage to not 
only get my teachers and staff of the college to look at BSD as a way of 
making things go, but I also pointed out the roots of BSD and how nice 
it would be if they started pointing out that a REAL Unix OS would 
probably benefit the other students, and of course there was sources for 
the programmers, and how it was totally free. I tried talking them into 
ordering a box of CDs from the site and that I'd volunteer to install, 
but instead they had to just download since the admin is a Windows guy 
lol. I did do the installs though and even put it on some personal 
Desktops of a few teachers who gave me extra credit for it. I do what I 
can t help out, I'm not a programmer, and I'm not a Millionaire, but 
when I do have money extras,  do what I can to buy things I can get 
free. It's to me a lot like an MP3 or OGG file you download; You can 
download this music, for free, though most bands don't like that, some 
don't mind, but they also make their living doing this, so if you like 
the music you may wanna buy something or go to shows and pay for 
tickets, because they don't have another job normally. So I generally 
buy CDs, shirts, everything, and I also help write installation guides 
because some people think a text based installer means a hard to use 
one, which In don't agree with. I Love the FreeBSD installer, and the 
Slackware install, and I've written docs to do both, and even dual boot 
docs and got published for that one.

Sorry about message length, I'm really talkative today it seems lol. 
Anyway, thanks again, and I too think those BSD boxers are amazing! 
Nothing says sleek geek like BSD boxer shorts lol.


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