FreeBSD (How vague can I get? ;) )

Allen GedankeZauberer at
Fri Sep 25 03:30:42 UTC 2009

Kevin Kinsey wrote:
> Dag-Erling Smørgrav wrote:
>> Saifi Khan <saifi.khan at> writes:
>>> Allen <GedankeZauberer at> writes:
>>>> I thought about this for a minute before sending this message, and
>>>> figured why not? Those Credit Card commercials you see on TV always
>>>> say "Something something, 5 dollars, something something 50 dollars,
>>>> and something something 300 dollars, getting to do this; Priceless!"
>>> iirc, that sounds like the Standard chartered credit card ad, here in
>>> India.
>> It's a series of MasterCard ads.
>> "Some things in life are free.  For everything else, there's MasterCard."
>> DES
> Hmm, makes me wonder.  Would we get sued for this?
> "Doing a couple things with computers requires {proprietary software}.
> For the rest, there's FreeBSD!!!"
> Kevin Kinsey
> P.S.  "Paddle faster, honey, I'm trolling in shallower water now!"

You can't get sued for it ;) The US has a law here that states a parody 
of something isn't a rip off. which I think was one of the better laws 
made. That's how Dennis Leary got away with the "Peanuts and Charlie 
Brown" thing he did without permission since it was a parody.

Besides, Visa probably runs BSD on their servers anyway lol.

Someone said something or other about me and FreeBSD as a rockstar and 
said Def Leopard. I don't agree, I think FreeBSD would be more suited 
with Cannibal Corpse or Slayer, it's way fast ;)

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