FreeBSD (How vague can I get? ;) )

Allen GedankeZauberer at
Wed Sep 23 01:21:24 UTC 2009

Hi list,

First, I want to say thank you. To anyone who's ever used FreeBSD, 
you've either loved it outright, or been in awe. How is it possible that 
something so complex as an OS can be done without cash to everyone doing 
it? Now think about this; How can this OS be so much better than one 
money can buy?

I thought about this for a minute before sending this message, and 
figured why not? Those Credit Card commercials you see on TV always say 
"Something something, 5 dollars, something something 50 dollars, and 
something something 300 dollars, getting to do this; Priceless!"

Well, let's try this with FreeBSD:

A PC from 10 years ago your neighbor tossed in the trash because Vista 
won't even install on it let alone run slower than someone on a bicycle 
racing someone in a McLaren F1 because they were using  Windows 98 on it 
and XP crawls on the thing:

0 Dollars

A new bottom of the line PC with non onboard video card, but only 16 MBs 
of Video memory, and two monitors used:

50 dollars

An Internet Connection you need anyway these days, about 150 dollars a 

An Epiphany that Microsoft's newest OS is going to cost almost 500 
dollars and you can't afford it or the crap you'll be getting on your 
machine running it and finding FreeBSD, downloading it for free and 
getting a couple burnable CDs from a friend... PRICELESS!

After almost 10 years, from the day I walked into Best Buy here in 
Michigan, and saw on the shelf Mandrake Linux 7.1 and "The FreeBSD 
PowerPak" with FreeBSD 4.0 + 6 CD toolkit, + "The Complete FreeBSD" 3.0 
book for less than a hundred dollars, I've always been a fan of FreeBSD 
and how much power I got for so little.

Some friends of mine make fun of me for paying for free software saying 
it's stupid to buy something and spend money on something I can get 
online, and I continue to buy FreeBSD stuff to help support whenever I 
can. My last order was over 500 dollars getting FreeBSD on CD-ROM, and a 
new version of "The Complete FreeBSD" book, The FreeBSD Handbook, and 
then the newer ones Vol1 and Vol2, and stickers for my Laptop and 
Desktops, and of course a FreeBSD mouse pad and label pin, and I'm glad 
I did.

I also bought "20 Years of Berkeley Unix" on DVD, with MKM as the 
speaker. I can say proudly that my Wife thinks he's amazing and wants to 
go see him talk one day.

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