bsdevents on Twitter

Dru Lavigne drulavigne at
Thu Mar 12 13:34:02 PDT 2009

I admit that I'm still a twitter noob and have only been on twitter for a few weeks (after my boss finally convinced me to create an account for work and I saw the value in having one).

I'm now following @freebsd, @freebsdannounce and @freebsdlogs as Murray suggested.

>Does this repost from our events page via twitterfeed?  Or syndicate from upcoming?  

Is this something I would setup or the other way around? If I should be setting it up, are you aware of an FAQ? The twitterfeed site is pretty slim on info....

>We really need to make sure we keep our canonical list of events >( updated first and foremost, and should put new delivery >mechanisms like twitter downstream from that. twitterfeed works well for this purpose.

Agreed and I'm open to ideas about how to best coordinate this and to filter the non-FreeBSD specific events with minimal effort so that the FreeBSD website is aware of events with a FreeBSD talk or booth.



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