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Matt Olander matt at
Thu Jul 2 19:04:50 UTC 2009

On Wed, Jul 1, 2009 at 12:18 PM, Dru Lavigne<drulavigne at> wrote:
>> > Does FreeBSD Mall ship internationally? If so, should we suggest that
>> > people
>> > interested in saving the mag can order there?
>> Absolutely. If you can't find the mag locally, order from the Mall and
>> we'll report final sales figures to the publisher on Monday. Not the
>> best weekend for a big sales push but not much else we can do.
> Okay, I'm tweeting with hashtag #savebsdmag

Great, if everyone can keep the same hashtag on re-tweets, that helps.

It seems we are having an effect! I received an email from Karolina,
the Chief Editor, last night. She says that there has been a
noticeable increase and the publisher is willing to consider keeping
it going, especially in electronic form. It's still up in the air
until after this weekend.

If they decide to keep publishing, I am going to pitch them on letting
iX takeover the print & distribution in the US so we can try to keep
it at Barnes & Noble and Borders while getting it into Fry's and
Microcenter as well.

FreeBSD Mall reduced the new issue 20% so it's now $12 USD for the
print version at If you'd already
purchased at the regular price yesterday, forward me your order
confirmation and address and I'll have marketing send along something
worth the extra few dollars ;-)

You can also sign up for the electronic subscription on the BSD Mag

Great job everyone!! Spread the word!


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