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Gonzalo Nemmi gnemmi at
Wed Jul 1 20:33:44 UTC 2009

2009/7/1 Matt Olander <matt at>

> We are in contact with them in an attempt to save the magazine. Not
> having the ability to order and pay for a subscription online really
> hurt them, I think. This is why we started offering it through the
> FreeBSD Mall.
> The BSD magazine is available at Borders and Barnes & Noble. We'll be
> doing our best to help increase sales figures this week so that
> hopefully the mag gets a longer lease on life. If that does happen, we
> will help them sign up advertisers, increase subscriptions, and find
> more authors to create a viable longer term plan for keeping the
> magazine in production.
> This may be your last chance to run out and grab a copy :'(
> Best,
> -matt
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> From: Karolina Lesińska <karolina.lesinska at>
> Date: 2009/7/1
> Subject: Save BSD magazine
> To:
> Dear Authors,
> I am sure most of you already heard that BSD magazine is going to be
> closed,
> due to much lower benefits than expected and the economy in general...
> There is one last chance thought - if I somehow manage to increase the
> sales
> figures in stores the magazine will be published. I was given only one week
> (till Monday). Not much, but better than nothing. I think it is worth
> trying!
> I can't do it alone -so I am asking you for your help and support. I know
> most
> of you are already helping and I am really thankful for that.
> If you could help me to promote the magazine on all forums, portals, blogs
> or
> anywhere else I would be really grateful.
> I have attached the cover of the most current issue of BSD magazine if you
> would like to use it.
> Please spread the word about BSD magazine!
> Also, I would like thank you for all great articles, support, precious
> comments and helping hand whenever we need it!
> best regards
> Karolina
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A long time ago I asked info at freebsdmall if it was possible to add items to
my FreeBSD subscription and I got a no for an answer.

It was completely logical ... it was a "we process subscriptions in batches,
hence, we can't add items". Well .. I actually wanted to add issue number 2
of the BSD Mag to my 7.1 shipment .. the problem was (and it still is .. and
it got even worse in the last few months) that the dollar-peso ratio went up
too high too fast and paying a 15+ dollars for shipment on a 15 dollars mag
didn't make any sense at all :s

Would there be a way to do that in the future?
I mean, add items to a subscriber's order ... specially BSD Mag issues (or
back issues :s)

Anyways ... I just signed up to a 12 months .pdf subscription (starting from
issue 3) through the BSD Mag web site.

And just for the record, as I posted on the BSD Mag Forum, I've been posting
about every BSD Mag issue and its corresponding link to the freebsdmall for
more than a year now .. but apparently that didn't help at all .. I guess
the language and the price tag make it kind of impossible to sell the mag
outside the U.S. - U.K./E.U markets .. specially in Latin America :(

Hope they can make it :)

Best Regards
Gonzalo Nemmi

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