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Matt Olander matt at ixsystems.com
Wed Jul 1 18:11:40 UTC 2009

We are in contact with them in an attempt to save the magazine. Not
having the ability to order and pay for a subscription online really
hurt them, I think. This is why we started offering it through the
FreeBSD Mall.

The BSD magazine is available at Borders and Barnes & Noble. We'll be
doing our best to help increase sales figures this week so that
hopefully the mag gets a longer lease on life. If that does happen, we
will help them sign up advertisers, increase subscriptions, and find
more authors to create a viable longer term plan for keeping the
magazine in production.

This may be your last chance to run out and grab a copy :'(


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From: Karolina Lesińska <karolina.lesinska at lpmagazine.org>
Date: 2009/7/1
Subject: Save BSD magazine

Dear Authors,

I am sure most of you already heard that BSD magazine is going to be closed,
due to much lower benefits than expected and the economy in general...

There is one last chance thought - if I somehow manage to increase the sales
figures in stores the magazine will be published. I was given only one week
(till Monday). Not much, but better than nothing. I think it is worth trying!

I can't do it alone -so I am asking you for your help and support. I know most
of you are already helping and I am really thankful for that.

If you could help me to promote the magazine on all forums, portals, blogs or
anywhere else I would be really grateful.

I have attached the cover of the most current issue of BSD magazine if you
would like to use it.

Please spread the word about BSD magazine!

Also, I would like thank you for all great articles, support, precious
comments and helping hand whenever we need it!

best regards

Linux+ DVD
BSD magazine
Karolina Lesińska
Product Manager

Software Press Sp.z.o.o SK
Bokserska 1
02-682 Warszawa

phone number: 1-917-338 - 3631
fax: +48 22 244 24 59

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