Sdävtaker sdavtaker at
Thu Feb 26 05:00:21 PST 2009

Follow up.
University of Buenos Aires will host one of the 2 days and the other
one will be host by colectivo la tribu, will provide
host to all the inet services needed, so i hope the new site will be
up and running in few days with the wiki, and mailing lists.
I will come up with urls  ASAP, waiting for deploy and DNS updates. :-)
Damian Vicino

On Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 15:40, Sdävtaker <sdavtaker at> wrote:
> We got a couple of organizations all working together (coordination of
> the different parties takes time, specially when one is a legal assoc
> and one is a university) there is too some non-official organizations
> like who are taking all the work of site and wiki.
> The site is waiting for place confirmation, the place is waiting for
> some burocratic stuff in university, so we hope to put all together
> asap, but there is a lot of interaction and different parties with
> different times :-/
> It is our first time trying to work a event of this magnitude.
> Damian

Sdävtaker prays to Rikku goddess for a good treasure.

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