why BSDs got no love

Petrus petrus4 at tpg.com.au
Mon Dec 28 17:59:04 UTC 2009

> There is absolutely no reason to change the default FreeBSD installer in 
> my
> opinion, when the PC-BSD one will suffice for the 'snazzy' desktop 
> installs.

I won't say that sysinstall couldn't benefit from at least *some* 
renovation. ;)

The interface is fine, sure, but what I'm primarily talking about is the 
download mechanism.  Apparently when certain files get downloaded with it, 
they actually get copied in-place during the transfer process, which means 
that if you abort it, you can end up with partially digested conf files (my 
/etc/passwd got hosed once) all over the place.

What I'd propose would be caching whatever files the system needs to 
download until everything is cached locally, and then installing the lot 
after that, rather than doing both downloading and installing/copying in the 
same step.  That way you can safely abort during the process if you need to. 
A scenario where individual files that are to be rewritten, get temporarily 
backed up until the setup is complete would probably also really help.

So as said, the interface is fine, but I think the internal mechanism could 
definitely benefit from being made a bit more robust. 

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