why BSDs got no love

Petrus petrus4 at tpg.com.au
Sat Dec 26 00:59:03 UTC 2009

>I think what we're looking at here is that sysinstall should probably
> be replaced... but it works well enough that it doesn't *have* to be

The virtue of sysinstall, however, is that it is console based.  I for one 
would rather endure sysinstall's idiosyncracies, if it still means that I'm 
going to be able to reliably install on whatever ancient, eldritch hardware 
I happen to have with me at the time.

If someone wants to write something X based, with hardware detection a la 
Ubuntu, and all the proverbial bells and whistles and flashing lights, then 
by all means; (and I think they already have, with finstall) but I think 
FreeBSD absolutely needs to keep a console-based installer as a fallback for 
old hardware. 

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