why BSDs got no love

Lowell Gilbert Lowell at Be-Well.Ilk.Org
Thu Dec 24 18:30:45 UTC 2009

"Julian H. Stacey" <jhs at berklix.com> writes:

> Randi Harper wrote:
>> Sure, once someone writes something everyone can agree upon. Until
>> then, sorry, you're stuck with sysinstall. :)
> Yes, & All will never agree, it's schismatic, sort of thing
> attractive to PCBSD DesktopBSD or Yet-Another-BSD forks/front ends, 
> or about as endless discussion as which brewery brews best beer :-)

But less useful, going by the historical record.  The various breweries
are already producing their products, and I may find new favorites by
discussing them.  But discussing what an installer should do is useless
unless somebody implements the ideas under discussion.  I'd be happy to
see any manner of improvements to/over sysinstall, but not enough to
implement them myself.  [Not even close.]  

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