why BSDs got no love

Tony Theodore tonyt at logyst.com
Wed Dec 23 18:37:02 UTC 2009

> Yeah... I know what vi *is*. I don't see how it's relevant as an
> installation option. And by the way, you do edit the install.cfg file
> by hand. We don't have a handy tool to automagically create one of
> these as far as I know. You know what options are possible by looking
> at the sysinstall man page, looking at the example install.cfg file,
> or reading sysinstall.h.

I think that's the whole point, there are some people that can/would
like to hand craft an installation file. I'm happy with the advice
from the handbook, and am curious about the man pages, example and
header files, but I've never looked at them (for sysinstall). Many
don't even follow the handbook. As FreeBSD is a general-purpose
operating system, I think it would be impossible to cover the needs of
embedded hardware developers, desktops users, server admins, and the
curious; with a single installer.

>> Having cli/X11/ncurses/text interfaces to install.cfg seems ideal to
>> me. The technical difficulty alone would in all likelihood ground it,
>> it doesn't need to be shot down.
> I'm shooting it down as in "I am not doing this" because I'm currently
> the person working on sysinstall. ;)

Kudos and thanks to you; through the growing tendency of installers to
be ignorant and rude, sysinstall remains competent and polite (I have
no other words to compare them). This is advocacy, noone is asking
_you_ to do it, but if we could add friendly....


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